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Bombay : Gateway of India
Aurangabad : Bibi Ka Makbara
Ajanta Ellora Caves
Hampi Temples
Leisure at Goa Beach
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  Goa : 13 Days

We invite you to travel to Goa, where the holiday on the golden beaches interspersed with visits to beautiful temples of South India. Trip for those who value the multitude of attractions on a par with their free time.

We visit: Bombay - Aurangabad - Ajanta Caves - Ellora - Bijapur - Hampi - Pattadakal - Goa - Panji

Day 1: Bombay - Aurangabad
Arrival in Mumbai, the traditional Indian greeting, ride a bus to Aurangabad (about 7 hrs.), Hotel accommodation, rest.

Day 2: Aurangabad - Ellora
In the afternoon departure to Ellora (1.5 hours).. We will visit carved temples - the cave, embedded in the slopes of volcanic rocks. Caves of Ellora are considered the most astounding work of art of India, which has no counterpart in the entire history of Indian architecture. In the complex of rock churches are places of worship, Buddhists, Hindus and Jains. We'll see, inter alia, Kailasa Temple, dedicated to God - the largest monolithic church carved ever, a hollow in the rock by 7000 laborers who worked on it for over 150 years. Back to the hotel, overnight stay in Aurangabad.

Day 3: Aurangabad - Ajanta Caves
Ajanta day trip to one of the greatest treasures of ancient art. Dazzling wall paintings - the greatest treasure Ajanta - cover almost all the walls of 29 caves carved in the rock, the erstwhile Buddhist temples and monasteries. The construction works undertaken in the second century BC and completed 700 years later. Back to the hotel, recreation, accommodation in Aurangabad.

Day 4: Aurangabad - Bijapur
Coach to Bijapur (about 7-8 hrs.), The way we pass - a huge field of cotton. Arrival, accommodation in Bijapur.

Day 5: Bijapur
After breakfast, visit the main attractions of Bijapur, including Gol Gumbaz - Mausoleum Saha Adila, the second largest dome in the world, and the Ibrahim Roza - the burial place of the kings of the dynasty Saha. Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 6: Bijapur - Pattadakal - Hampi
Bus ride (4 hrs.) Temple complex at Pattadakal, the former capital of the Deccan rule. We will visit the temple of Lord Shiva - the only active church with a statue of sacred bull Nandi, and temples with statues of the Kamasutra. Late evening drive to Hampi (2 hrs.), Accommodation, Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 7: Hampi
Visiting Hampi (the name means town of the Kingdom of the Apes). A visit to the ruins of Vijayanagar, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The fourteenth century ruins are scattered over a vast area surrounded by villages, rice paddies and banana groves. Cruel was the capital of Vijayanagar empire, famous for its cannibalism. After Kings death the empire with his three thousand wives and concubines and officials have been burnt on a funeral pyre. It is easy to imagine the rituals through the enormous statue of the terrible Naraszimy, which looks at the visitor center before entering Hampi. Then, rafting on the river Tungbhadra. Dinner and overnight stay in Hampi.

Day 8: Hampi - Hubli
After breakfast check-out from the hotel and further exploring Hampi. In the afternoon visit to Hubli (6 hrs.). Overnight in Hubli.

Day 9: Hubli - Goa
Transfer to Goa (4 hrs.), Accommodation, and then ... deck chairs, hammocks under palm trees blissful laziness, explore the charms of the resort island, running along the beach, the fight against advancing wave, stretching muscles and torsów, lying idle on a particular stretch of beach. Water sports. Overnight in Goa.

Day 10: Goa
Blissful relaxation on the beach or poolside cont'd. Walking along the beach, watching the sun - big red ball - hides behind the horizon as twilight pervades the horizon, and begins to heat the exotic night, and daily heat gives way to the freshness of a light breeze blowing the cause of peaceful this time of the Ocean.

Day 11: Goa
Relax and unwind - as above, and more ...

Day 12: Goa - Bombay
Rest after rest ... Last chance to shake off the remnants of stress in the tropical scenery. Water, swimming, addressing shortcomings in tan or tanning in the store. Then visit the state capital of Goa - Panji. We'll see, inter alia, villa Fountains the ambiance more Portuguese than Indian, the chapel of St.. Francis Xavier, in which the holy relics are kept (Francis Xavier is considered the missionary world, in 1542, he came to Goa, established a Portuguese colony in India, opened the seminary there to teach priests, drawn from the local population). Afternoon drive to airport for flight to Mumbai. In Bombay, see Gateway of India, Hotel Taj Mahal, an elegant district of Malabar Hill and Towers of Silence. Evening walk around the area of Colaba Causeway, ride the famous promenade called the Queen's necklace. Dinner, transfer to airport.